The Conscious Times

the conscious times are NOW time, enlighten, educate and motivate.

Pre SENT PRE sent PRE sent pre SENT
I am pre sent to the NOW
Pre sent pre sent present present
Present am I in the NOW

How can we NOW not know that we are pre sent to the now
This time is all we have until the next first we transcend to where there is no thought of I
Pre sent in order to ascend
We grow like weeds multiplied across the face of earth: the apple of creation
The tree in the middle of the garden is the 7th planet
We meditate to find ourselves intertwined in a web of creation where our hands do the talking no knowledge of spoken letters needed
Language is guttural
So follow your gut instinct
Travel plains – by hand writing

We rise in ethers of consciousness,
Alleviate your stress child! You are pre sent.
Transcend your negative spirit! You are pre sent.

Here on earth by no accident but chosen
We all are the few of our brothers and sisters
We are the chosen few through
Which the divine explores negativity in order to gain knowledge of material plains - 3rd dimensional egos
We are the few who choose
Tense future sense we know what is to come from what has been
ALL -are existing now: past future and pre sent tenses

Rise children! Rise to consciousness!
Transcend to where there is no thought of I
Ascend to heights of “aunnnngggggmmmmmm”niversal peace
Travel galactically through sound vibrations

RISE children! Raise your vibrations to breathe yourself into consciousness
Heal thyself!
Open your inner being to space travel
Peer in to stars and see your tablet of destiny mapped out across skies
The blue print is clear!
Eliminate your fear in order to raise your consciousness

Wake and eliminate negativity

Eliminate I and I divide u all: the individual

Wake and see the new dawn over the horizon
The sky above where grey clouds make our happiness a borrowed tomorrow
Transcend and see that negativity so that you can overstand positive energy
And GOD separated between the light and the darkness -

Use the darkness so that you can find your light shining, beaming-from within
As GOD separate between the light, the darkness and see that we are good.

Positivity for the mind is key to being in control of your own destiny
Where your thoughts are now coming to fruition
Wake and see – That what you think will come to be
Pre sent by you from your point in this reality

Fear none!
Travel space by traveling spirit true allity
Love all!
Make yourself an ohm beacon for divinity

Let there be light!

Rise children of the galaxies
Open your palms to open your heart’s charka
Follow in tune, balancing adjustments to the galaxy’s shifts
Bite into the apple if you dare to become a part of the creator
Double Helix at the apple’s core of Mother Earth’s center

Feel your mind expand to be- come apart of this divinity
Align yourselves to NOW time: Defeat your self-deception
Fill your spiritual cavity
We need only breathe.

(c) Arielle Rose 2000

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